Focusing on the WE

to make a stronger Michigan


Erik Almquist

Democrat running for state representative in the 80th district.
City Councilman Fennville, MI.

There is no ME, there is only WE.

WE is how we get things done.
WE roll up our sleeves to help each other.
WE work together because WE rise together.


  • must work to protect the most vulnerable.
  • must work to take care of the first responders who are wondering if they can go home because they can’t get protective gear and fear the impact on their families.
  • must work to help the teachers wondering where they will get supplies and wondering why the education system isn’t fair for everyone.
  • must work to help those below the poverty line and those just treading water.
  • must work together to help those those who have no access to technology that connects them equally to information that many take for granted.
  • want to bring great jobs to this area and train not just this generation, but their children’s generation as well.
  • must all work together for the  kids who wonder where their next meal is coming from and those that wonder how they will keep the lights on.

WE are all in this together.